You thought wrong about her

You thought she was desperate You thought you could be inconsiderate you thought she would pick scraps You thought she would be overthinking at night she naps you thought she would pick up any attention You thought you would create tension you thought your half hardheartedness was enough When you realized she was quality must […]

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Things we should no longer do

Deal with energy leeches They need to learn to do their own healing , self discovery & solitude they can’t keep relying on you. They need to go gym , therapy & give you something in return. Trying to be perfect It’s ok if you don’t tick everything off your to do list and it’s […]

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How to be happy in 2021

The title might be misleading to some however it is not seriously read this article to find out why Create Goals that excite you Constantly thinking about the past , being obsessed with being perfect & playing a victim won’t get you anywhere. You will end directionless , hopeless & lazy. meditate & pray as […]

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You were dragging her down

You took her for granted you assumed she will always be there Obsession with strangers but her she didn’t care You never had to lose her Letting her get drained and burnt like usher she was just a company for your misery Why are they envious of are life is not like disney she was […]

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Too this ,too that

Too dark for their world , too light for the other world Your experience is nothing is what you are told Where does this master piece fit They made you uncomfortable you couldn’t sit where does this flower grow Bags are filled where does she go who will actually appreciate it Who will let nature […]

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You go ahead

You go ahead & be your authentic self This path on emotionally , physically & spiritual health They judged you into you believing them You saw it when you was ten you listen to you now You now know how it took a while however that doesn’t matter They see you & have to scatter […]

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Explore the world

Looking back is over rated Deep down you was emotionally hated Picking up old scraps is a set back the future you choose to attack Constantly thinking small & acting small is a trap You don’t change it’s the same old rap Go forward open your mind If only you knew who could be kind […]

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