How to clean with less stress

Be organized and have a structure : If you decide what day you want to do bathrooms , kitchens and the living room you will feel more confident about where to start. So write in your journal , decide what you would like to do first and categorize each section. You can be mentally ready […]

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The energy leeches

You know how to bounce back from failure , embarrassment and heartbreak. You grieve , cry , feel your emotions , pray to God and sort out your issues. They become bitter , they become so angry , their ego gets bruise and they become numb , they have too more pride to be honest […]

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No you are not strange

You are not strange for not wanting to stay at a event longer You are not strange for not wanting to drink alcohol You are not strange for wanting to be left alone to recharge You are not strange for wanting to only work part time You are not strange for wanting to value purpose […]

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forcing it

Trying to prove something looks so forced on you High value , alpha traits you have no clue Trying show how much of an option i am You hide your identity behind your fam Your deeply hurt and flooded with shame The red flag was within your name You don’t know the meaning of healing […]

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Leave the underdogs alone…

 It’s not OK to bully and ridicule the underdog because of your own insecurities and issues doesn’t make it OK.    Constantly ignoring , wasting time & treating someone bad because they are upcoming does it make it OK.       Your Brand is falling off and it’s more asses sable now you now feel […]

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too much

  too jealous to love you too insecure to take a risk too broken to make you happy too egoistic to be open too scared to take a chance too ignorant to see your beauty too shallow to look beyond your looks too evil to give too entitled to  meet you half way too envious […]

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