They want to paint you as bad

Their own insecurities   Your powerful , thoughtful and creative old soul however people have identity issues , ignorance , insecurities and shallowness so they might paint you as bitter. You bring people together to make changes and they describe you as a gang when you are a all about bringing people together for solutions […]

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It’s ok to …

It’s ok to stick up for yourself and communicate without worrying how they will respond it’s ok to take a break and breathe alone It’s ok to find things to motivate and give you the extra push It’s ok sometimes vent and let off some steam It’s ok to want to be left alone sometimes […]

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she is starting to notice

she is starting to notice how desperate these energy vampires are she affirms to herself ” you are the light that’s why they try you’re  a star” she realizes how people can jump to conclusions and be so judgmental She knows God can heal her heart , body , soul and the mental she realizes […]

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