How to deal with silent treatment , ghosting & the mind games

  1. Don’t take it personally

You don’t really know someone in the beginning , they put on this character , put out their best self and then the masks falls off. Don’t over analyse and try understand. They could be doing because they are immature , their life is in crisis or for the games you will never know so don’t take it personal.

2. Be open and warm

You don’t have to send a passive aggressive message and become moody just send a message to show compassion , let them know they are can be open and honest to you. That will make you have less regret because sometimes people need reassurance , they want you to initiate and show interest too.

3. Move on and get on with your life

Don’t see it as a opportunity to stop what your doing and spend your time feeling down and ashamed. There is nothing to be ashamed about and you should never beat yourself up. Carry on with your hobbies , work on your craft and work on bettering your health.

4. focus on the positive

Be glad it happen sooner , rather than later and you know it would of hurt more. Be glad that you didn’t do something you was thinking to do , telling your friend , posting on Facebook or letting your standards go down. See it as a lesson , what can you do better next time and how to guard your heart. What things didn’t you like ? looks ? values ? think about that.

5. Have compassion

Their life might not be interesting and they probably dread their life and taking it out on you. They probably feel regretful , ashamed and miserable unfortunately that is not your problem however that doesn’t really change anything.

6. Express your anger privately

Journal your thoughts , vent to a friend or pray there are many ways to let out your frustration. Some people love drama , chaos , mind games and making others feel small so don’t fall for it. Let out your anger through exercise , art and other sources.

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