forcing it

Trying to prove something looks so forced on you

High value , alpha traits you have no clue

Trying show how much of an option i am

You hide your identity behind your fam

Your deeply hurt and flooded with shame

The red flag was within your name

You don’t know the meaning of healing

Your a coward when it comes to feeling

You only know the meaning of complaining

You want my life because yours is draining

You try to look interesting as much as possible to end up looking more desperate

My heart is guarded and delicate

I pity you even more and you wanted admiration

Hide behind your education

You need prayer not to be put on a pedestal

You being long term would of been a miracle

I don’t want to be you at all

you want me to feel small

You want me to second guess myself

You want me up at night neglecting my health

you want me to analyse , feel lost and be confused like you

It’s only going to you not us two

If only you knew how much i smiled and laughed at your game

You did the investing you only got yourself to blame

I will never chase thank you for your investment and the trial

Haven’t had to deal with a loser for a while

I knew God guarded my heart and you ran out

cowardliness , losing that is what you are about

You were too judgmental

I was too open minded , spiritual

Your immature , shallow , silly and clueless so you ran

the mask fell off you were a boy instead of a man

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