Being a easy target for bullying sucks

Being the underdog who done major things is scary , you broke down barriers , embracing your skin and body.                                   Dark skin girls pit against each other a lot , tokenism is one of the reasons , if she loses deals it’s good for some girls doing YouTube , “the less dark skin woman, the more Chance I get “ they think to themselves , when I started a dark skin agency some laughed because they know black men unite support each other , light skin woman support each other , but dark skin woman they had to be one and it’s a horrible mentally there is room for everyone.she represents body positivity, female empowerment and girl boss qualities. Bleaching your skin is self hatred , people in 2020 are getting their body done and a lot of people with their actions might make you think they hate themselves. She was young that time and she was humble and she apologised. She’s a influencer , influencers get ridiculed, hated on and mocked a lot for the sake of it . Being a creative , doing big things does create some jealously from others and as soon as something bad happens to the influencer they get excited and now that all their hate that they have can now be put in a better light.  She’s a dark skin female , the underdogs , the ones that don’t get people sticking up for them , the ones ignorant people degrade , ridicule and exploit.  We are seen as the bottom , unattractive, bitter and the underdog.  She’s a easy target for bullying and that doesn’t make her unworthy. We hope that she will look back and I realise she was a human being that made mistakes , understand that their are colourists , racists , ignorant , bullies and mean girls who just see her as an easy target.  She will be self aware of how unfair the world is but won’t let it get to her , she will focus on God , her qualities and move forward without having to over explain to people who will never understand her. I hope she concentrates on her mental , spiritual, physical well-being and focus on her work , family and not social media. 

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