You are allowed Harmless fun

1. we are allowed to have harmless fun and live out our dreams and fantasies
We don’t have to be guided by what society wants us to do , we are allowed to choose another path , be unique and come out of this shallow view they have of us. I am admired of how brave , unique and  brave this woman is.
 2. Not all of us have to like the same things & have the same inspirations.
Not everyone wants a hair lash line , rap career or become an activist however that should be ok and we should encourage woman to be themselves. Not all of us are man driven , loud and miserable.
 3.We are all unique, different and we shall not be stereotyped.    
Every personality is different , not everyone that doesn’t fit the stereotype is ” weirdo” they are being free and being themselves.
 4. We don’t have to “ struggle” and be argumentative we deserve a life too.             
Some will seek therapy , some will love being alone , some will be feminine and want a God fearing , providing man over being a struggling mother or  breadwinner to men with a little boy syndrome. They prefer to be on their own living up to their dreams and than deal with struggle love.
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  • Social exclusion
  • Bullying
  • rejection
  • self love
  • confidence
  • colourism
  • Femininity
  • Emotional abuse
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