Tips on how a man can improve in life

  • Less ignorant more understanding

Everyone on this earth are all different we are all raised in different ways and it’s so important to know that. Everyone is trying to state their opinion and that’s a ugly trait let people do what they want and you do what you one simple. Society will tell you how to think , what beauty looks like and how we should think however don’t get misled always be willing to learn and be open minded.


  • Enough with the judging 

You see others and what they do , you automatically judge and you could miss out on a blessing because of this. Sometimes in our past we get hurt by someone so any person who seems familiar to a person you know automatically think everyone is the same.  Not every woman on holiday is a scammer , not every woman who posts half naked has low self esteem and not every woman with a picture of a delicious food on a plate is not a gold digger. Pray for healing , take a break on dating , have some time for yourself and find out more about yourself and what triggers you.


  • No trolling

I see people comment on blogs and i can just tell they are bitter. Miserable , drained and ignorance all in one. You can’t be happy within yourself if you constantly go online and argue with strangers. Your broken,burned out and hurt the last thing you need is to go online and troll. Try praying , going for a walk , church , gym , reading and figure out why you go online so angry.

  • Find ways to improve yourself in your life

Going to gym is a start but not enough you have to be working on the inside , it’s a waste of time if you look good on the outside but on the inside is full of pain , unsolved trauma , bitterness and sin it’s a waste of time. Read books , read on how to improve on online blogs , go to therapy and church. Going to stores , flexing online and being savage is cool for a short while but afterwards your just miserable , energy sucker & that’s because there is nothing going on the inside.

  • Learn more about your love styles and love language 


learn about what you are into and what the girl your dating is into so you can understand each other more. That will make it easier for you to understand each other and it reduces the confusion.

  • Don’t force it 

Stop trying to change a woman if she is a party girl leave her be , if she is a loud mouth don’t try change her personality and if she is a bad girl don’t force yourself into turning her into a good one .If you want a stay at home house wife find a feminine woman stop trying to force 50/50 feminist to be feminine instead of masculine. Find that kind of woman and keep it moving. Stop forcing FWB with a woman who wants a relationship so many man just ask for trouble these days and love a project when it’s yourselves that you need to work on. Peace , comparability and success is boring to toxic men you want a challenge , play games and manipulate. if you want to be a feminine man do your thing , if you want to have fun open relationships do it but don’t try force your dreams on someone who don’t want it.

  • Don’t be toxic 

Don’t let reality shows , gossip blogs and the media fool you a lot of people get paid to do it so be careful.  I should say music too , you want that lifestyle but you don’t have the funds, you don’t have the security , the fame and money to play around like that. Drama is not cool some of you are not built and raised like that have your own identity and stop being influenced.

  • Toxic masculinity and sexism is a no

Your strong hate towards woman has to be from somewhere , who do you hang around with? , do you have issues you need solving ? how was you raised ? is what you need to ask yourself. Ignorance , low self esteem and a shallow mindset can turn you into a woman hater so educate and heal yourself.

  • Lose the assumptions 

Assuming someone is a spoilt princess because they have standards and boundaries shows that you are still hurt , ignorant  and judgemental. There are woman like that but not all , you are still hurt , feel trapped however i think it’s time to let go of things you can’t control and stop trying to blame people so you can feel better for not even trying.

  • Grow spiritually  , mentally and physically 

You will be shocked on how peaceful life can be when you mediate , affirm , heal and love yourself. If you take time out , reflect on your decisions and figure out your problems. Pray , workout , read self help books , read online blogs , have hobbies and cut off bad company , friends who are no good and bad habits.


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