overlook me , turn a blind eye it’s cool


My passion comes from within not your validation

I don’t care about fame & popularity i want purpose , peace an inspire the nation

I don’t need your support God is by my side cheering me on

If i didn’t have God my passion would of been Gone

I love what i am doing so i don’t need to turn around to see if you agree

Even if others give up on my dream i know that God is there with me

you put #femaleempowerment for cheques , clout and fame your not about it

Haters , trolls , bitter & ignorant people will not be reason i quit

you turn bitter when you see your sisters doing well

You want to be the one chosen you want to be the only girl

you creep up to never congratulate but to put yourself on

I thought you were legit but you was just a con

you talk bad about them so you can steal all their light

So you make it look like their wrong and your right

your negative , evil and never grateful

You can’t take it how my life is so wonderful

if i was trying to please you i would of been drained out already

God was always there he fed me


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