Don’t let popularity be your reason to give up

When they copy you

Don’t ever take it personal and rise above it. Sometimes they have lack of originality , want a reaction or want what you have. Take it as a compliment , move forward and know if they are it won’t last. They will always be one step behind anyway and can’t guess your next move. Sometimes they copy the out casts , underdogs and others that are not that popular because they think they can get away with it.

When you don’t want to lose your self respect 

Losing your integrity ,going against your morals and sleeping your way to the top would harm you and you know it that’s why it’s best to stay true to yourself it’s not worth it. 

when you want to be yourself 

It will be draining trying to be someone your not , trying to fit in and be like everyone else could make you lonely in a crowded room it’s not worth the hassle.

when you love the body you are in 

A lot of people are getting surgery , gaining likes for the figures and deals you don’t have to change your body for success. Love your body , be fit and healthy your success will be a lot of more fulfilling and purposeful. Everyone has a choice and you shouldn’t feel pressured to get your body done. 

when you feel intimidated

The time wasters who pretend they want to work with you , the shady comments about your brand and the bad attitude at the workplace might question your dreams however you can simply change your perception , ideas and energy. Spend time reflecting , journal ling , praying and  meditating. You will realise you have a gift that sometimes will make others get envious however you don’t have to make that weigh you down.

when they take over your dream

What is for you cannot be taken away , sometimes it’s not rejection is redirection and sometimes you outgrow things & that’s OK. Sometimes it’s a sign to go up a level and do something different. 

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